Top Horsey Products on Amazon

A Cool & Clean Cinch

I own this girth in every size you can buy and it’s the only type I use on my five mares. Easy to clean. Doesn’t chafe. Cooler than solid neoprene or felt.

The Best Bell Boots

We bought these two years ago and they are still going strong. No tears or holes. And Missy is fantastic at destroying bell boots. She overreaches and clips herself every run. 

Wicking Wool Pads

Like the FIVE STAR pad… just cheaper. I find these pads good quality, and I’ve never seen a sore yet.

The Magic Mouthpiece

This bit is a total game changer. My horse Sienna tosses her head and pulls like a frieght train. This bit is heavy and she loves to carry it. No pulling, no head shaking, and I have some whoa when I really need it. It’s also my go-to poles bit. Some nice leverage here. 

Learn from experts

We bought this book for Faith when she first became interested in barrel racing. I still find her studying it years later…

My favs for cleaning tack

My saddle sometimes SQUEAKS. Plus it sat in a barn unused for a while before I bought it. This is the best product I’ve found for softening up the leather and keeping the colour rich. 

Isn’t this everyone’s daily standby? If not it should be. We use about 3 containers of this a year. 

Wait, how many whips?

I must have 20 of these on my farm. Some lost in the grass… others buried in the dirt. But the rest in a bucket in my barn. The perfect length for dressage, and a motivator for getting on the trailer.

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