A.M. Fawns is a journalist and fiction writer. You can find her recent articles featured on Horse Sport Canada. In 2008, she and her husband Luke Fawns decided to try their hands at living life on an acreage. Faith Fawns soon joined them and life has been an adventure ever since. 

She was a staff writer for Voice of the Farmer – York & Durham region’s agricultural newspaper – for eight years.

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If you’d like to join them and experience  the disasters… ahem… I mean the joys of farm life, pick up a copy of A.M. Fawns memoir “Free Range Living.”

Chase cows, meet a heroic llama, and find out where pigs go when they plan the perfect escape. Learn about the lifestyle  and get some tips on how to find the perfect property yourself.


Join the adventure!

This novella takes you from looking for an affordable farm in the Greater Toronto area; right through to the real-life challenges of trying to learn how to live on one.

We’ve all wrestled with murderous boars named after a rapper, right? Or chased a baby heifer through the streets of Blackstock?